#BAB23: Registration

On 21 October, the BAB goes on its second round through the cobblestone hell of the Barnim and the Uckermark. You want to be there? Then register now!

As a first step read ethos und die terms of participation of the Steppenwof. With your registration you agree to the basic rules and the General Terms and Conditions. of the Steppenwolf. With your registration you agree to the basic rules. Basically, you ride at the Steppenwolf on your own responsibility, we assume no liability for damages of any kind. This year the registration is limited to 200 starters. There is no waiting list.

Since cycling is mostly dominated by men, we want to facilitate the access for  FLINTA* Therefore, registration opens on September 6 (6 PM) for women, non-binary and trans people (FLINTA*) and on September 7 (6 PM) for everyone.

Steppenwolf is non-commercial, which means that nobody earns money with it and we have no sponsors. However, in order to cover our costs we are dependent on a Contribution towards expenses Also we are collecting money for climate justice groups or projects. Last year we were able to give 2.000 € to the activists from Lützerath a small village in the west of Germany that was struggeling against a coal mine. As a contribution towards expenses we recommend 20-70 €, depends to your income.

Upon receipt of your contribution towards expenses no later than five days after registration you finally confirm your registration. You can send it directly via Paypal to info@steppenwolf-berlin.de (purpose of use: Donation BAB23). If you don't use Paypal write us a mail.

The exact track and all further information will be sent to you in time by mail.

You will receive an e-mail confirming your starting place by 13 September.

+ All spots booked +

Thanks for your interest! All spots were booked out really fast. We are happy to see you in the steppe!