Welcome to the steppe

The Steppenwolf is a non-commercial self-supported bikepacking challenge across the country from Berlin to Usedom and back. Full of variety between technical trails at the Oderbruch, the beach promenade of Usedom, some nasty cobblestone sections, Märkisch sand passages and quite a few kilometers along Brandenburg lakes, it goes across the steppe. The technically as well as physically hard Wildtrack is every year between 700 and 800 km long, the Graveltrack (former Shorttrack) rolls better and has a length of 500-550 km. In between there are three checkpoints where inexperienced riders can set up camp. Whether alone or in a pack, for speed or as a personal challenge - the Steppenwolf is for everyone. It is not a classic bike race, but a wild ride between metropolis and sea, which really challenges everyone.


23.-26. Mai 2024

Wild West - the route of 2024 will be more western than ever before. Registration starts on 1 December 2023 and you will find out whether you are in after the draw at the beginning of January.


The route through the "steppe" has a special role for both of us, Jonathan and Markus, since childhood: As elementary school students, we rode the first time on the bike path to the Baltic Sea, later cross-country one with the MTB. For a long time it was clear that we wanted to organize a real challenge on the many trails through sparsely populated areas. 2020 it was so far. The big cycling sport lay fallow because of the pandemic, but suddenly everyone rode into the forest with a bivy sack. The starting signal was given in September: With 33 starters, the first Steppenwolf started at the Bernauer Steintor. The checkpoint on the island reached still a majority, but especially the trails on the way back pulled the teeth of many. At the end of four great days, 11 starters managed to finish the first Steppenwolf. The BUB has been held in May since 2022. In that year, shorttrack was added to the wildtrack for the first time. In 2023, we were delighted to have the largest FLINTA* starting field at an off-road bikepacking challenge in Germany. It was the toughest edition to date and led as a no-border version via Poland to Usedom.


BUB-Route 2023

From the metropolis to the sea and back.

Since 2022, there have been two tracks: a more technical Wildtrack over 700-750 km and a more direct Graveltrack over 450-500 km.

The exact track will be sent to the starters a few days before the Steppenwolf as a .gpx file.


The Wildtrack is a great place to ride: root trails on countless Brandenburg lakes, a selection of the most beautiful pavé in the Uckermark and a few small challenges that await you on the picturesque path to the Baltic Sea and back. It is based on the premiere route from 2021, when mainly MTB riders felt comfortable on the track, but a handful of gravel bikers were also able to finish the Steppenwolf. We want to preserve the character of the track in the same way.


The Graveltrack (former Shorttrack) is a nice balance between the shortest way and
the most exciting landscapes between Berlin and Usedom. You can expect a varied mix of the finest gravel, long forest trails, small plate road and asphalt sections, short
challenges on pavé and a few kilometers of flow trail.

No matter what you ride, no matter who you are: It is important to us to enable as many different people as possible to participate. Therefore 
we have different contingents. At least half of the spots will go to FLINTA* (women, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender people). There are 150 places in total. Of these, 75 are for the wild track and 75 for the gravel track.

Registration starts on 1 December. After our website crashed last year due to the rush, we are using postcards this year. You will find out exactly what needs to go on them on 1 December.

The draw will take place at the beginning of January.

The basis for participation is the consent to the ethos and codex (see below) of the Steppenwolf.

As a completely voluntary project without sponsors we depend on a contribution towards expenses. As a guideline, 30-130 €, depending on your income. This will cover all our costs. What is left over we give to projects of the climate justice movement.

All bikes are welcome.

Short summary:
1. send your postcard
2. good luck for the draw
3. send your contribution towards expenses


1. Everyone acts on their own responsibility at all times. Be considerate of other road users.

2. The Steppenwolf is a self-supported trip of a different kind: You can start as a lone wolf or as a pack. Everything you need you have to carry with you or acquire on the way. Planned help from outside, pre-planned repair shop appointments or similar are prohibited. If you split your equipment, you must also arrive as a pack.

3. The entire route must be covered under your own power. Which bike you choose is up to you, but we recommend a gravel or mountain bike. When you leave the track, return to the same place. 

4. There are wolves here but they are not really dangerous for humans. So we would like to encourage you to biwacking. However, commercial overnight stays are not excluded. Booked or pre-planned overnight stays with acquaintances are prohibited. Help on the way is only allowed if it arises spontaneously ("trail magic").

5. If you see a wolf you are either very lucky or should urgently take a break.

6. The Steppenwolf is a no-flight-ride, the arrival or departure by plane is prohibited. Try to arrive as climate neutral as possible. Together we create a sustainable cycling.

7. Just like at the Grenzsteintrophy applies: who looks for loopholes in the codex is not yet ready for the Steppenwolf!