All questions about the Steppencross. If something is missing here, feel free to write to us!

What is Cyclocross? What is MTB Cross Country?

Cyclocross and Crosscountry are short, varied races on circuits away from roads and paths. The route is usually 2-3 km long and leads over meadows, roots and forest paths. There are also artificial obstacles in between. Cyclocross is ridden with road bike-like bikes with wider tires, and typically there are sections where the bike has to be carried, for example on a hill through sand or mud. MTB routes have more difficult obstacles such as descents with roots or rocky fields.

Food & program

On the festival site at the small Wukensee, where the start and finish is located, there will be delicious food and drinks for a donation. The exact planning is still ongoing, but you can look forward to a good mix of both snacks and warm dishes. There will also be good music.

How long is the route and how many laps do I have to complete?

The routes differ in their length and level of difficulty. For the children's races and the fun race, we avoided steep climbs and technical descents. Both the cyclocross and MTB courses have some ramps and descents where you have to use a lot of power for a short period of time. You can relax a little on two longer runs.


Balance bike race: ~ 100 m
U4-U6: 5 min (1 short lap)
U7-U10: 10 min (3 short laps)
U11-U15: 20 min
U16-U19: 30 min (3 full laps)
Cyclocross FLINTA*: 45 min (4-5 laps)
Cyclocross Men: 1 h (7 laps)
MTB CrossCountry: 1 hour + 1 lap (~8 laps)
Funrace: 30 min

Is the race only for club riders and “professionals”?

All races are open to everyone, no license is required! Basic fitness is required, but we particularly welcome people taking part in a cross race for the first time. Good technique will of course help you, but on the MTB route there will be bypasses in the particularly steep places (B-line) and on the cyclocross route it is always better to carry the bike for a short time than to fall.

Is the Steppencross an official competition?

The Steppencross is our first real race - but as always, we value solidarity instead of elbow grease. We want an event that is suitable for both ambitious athletes and beginners and where mutual respect is at the forefront.

Are there training options before the race?

From now on you can stop by the route at any time and see for yourself: https://www.komoot.de/tour/1401301897

We are also planning a FLINTA* training day in the weeks before the race (you will find information about this soon Instagram).

How are prizes or awards designed for participants?

Steppencross is primarily about having fun together, having a good time together and making new acquaintances and friends. But of course there will also be a small prize for the fastest three in each race. Let yourself be surprised!

How is the race going?

We will publish the exact schedule approximately two weeks before the Steppencross. Please be there at least one hour before your race. When you register on site you will receive your start number. The race starts on time in the starting area. The starting line-up takes place 10 minutes beforehand. This takes place in the order in which you register online. The winners’ ceremony takes place directly after the race.

Can I drive/test drive the track once on the day of the race?

Whenever there is no other race taking place on the track, you are welcome to drive along the track. Be considerate of each other and leave the track in good time before the start of the next race.

Is there support for technical problems or injuries?

If your bike has technical problems and you don't know what to do, please contact the registration office or other participants. Paramedics will be on site for health emergencies.

What happens in bad weather?

Cross is a winter sport, so rain must always be expected. Bring warm, rainproof clothing and, ideally, a change of shoes. There will be covered areas in the start-finish area. If there is a strong storm we will of course have to postpone the race.

This is my first race! How are obstacles dealt with?

It's really cool that you're there! Obstacles are mainly small hills and – depending on the weather – muddy sections. If you can't get through there with your bike, just jump off briefly and push the bike or take it on your shoulder and carry it.

Do I have to have a special cyclocross bike?

In the cyclocross race, you can also compete on a gravel bike or a racing bike with wider tires (max. 50 mm). Suspension is not allowed - but it is in mountain bike racing.

How do I have to prepare my bike?

Actually not. But you should check again beforehand whether everything is working and the air pressure is not too high. There will be a transition area on site where you can leave tools.

What is the point of categories like FLINTA*?

Cycling is still heavily male-dominated. We're trying to break that down and make it more accessible to women and people who don't define themselves as “male” or “female”. FLINTA* specifically means: women, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans and agender people.

Our goal is to create a community where everyone feels comfortable. Because FLINTA* is still structurally discriminated against in our society, we want to make a contribution to actively changing this. That's why we organize childcare, extra FLINTA* training and award a rating for non-binary people.