A legend returns

Clouds of dust or mud, crashing bottom brackets and cobblestone roads over shallow hills. The whole village on the roadside, all cheering on riders with spare tubes around their torsos. Berlin-Angermünde-Berlin was one of those legendary early cycling classics.We want to revive it in a new form. A challenge on asphalt, gravel, cobblestones and concrete roads. Alone or in a pack. From the metropolis through the Uckermark and back. A wild ride through the finest Steppenwolf terrain. A homage to past heroines on two wheels over 150 or 200 km. Join the ride.

Automn classic

Berlin-Angermünde-Berlin is the Steppenwolf in compact: A day in the steppes of Brandenburg, which challenges everyone. It's a ride you can do alone or as a pack, without outside support. Our ethos and code applies here as well. Start is on shortly after sunrise in Bernau (near Berlin). From there, you'll follow the GPX track over medieval cobblestones, concrete slab roads from the GDR, fresh gravel and some classic hills in the Uckermark and on the edge of the Oderbruch. Berlin-Angermünde-Berlin is not a race, but a wild and solidarity ride on historic trails. With which bike you participate is up to you. To finish, you have to reach the finish in Bernau before midnight.


After the now historic return of Berlin-Angermünde-Berlin in November 2022 in sudden sub-zero temperatures and snowstorms, it's clear that we want to get the BAB on the road again this year. On 21 October, it's off along the cobblestone roads in the east of Berlin.


Summer 1896: Germany's first bicycle race is born with "Rund um Berlin". Less than 15 years later, another classic is created in the north: Berlin-Angermünde-Berlin. On steel bikes without gears or other bells and whistles and without any outside support, the riders race over the cobblestone roads or the summer paths beside them. The race through the Uckermark became a real classic, between the years the length varied between 150 km and 240 km. In the GDR it was one of the most important spring classics, in the 60s also Polish and Cuban riders took part. Later it was renamed in honor of Erich Schulz, a famous cyclist who died young in an accident as Erich Schulz Memorial Race. In 1990, after the last event, it was all over - until this year. But we are not returning to the road with professionals - but unsupported on the cobblestone paths, GDR plates and gravel roads of the steppe.


BAB route 2022

From Börnicke at the gates of Berlin, 2023 heads directly towards the Oderbruch. The first kilometres are still flat and the first sectors of flagstone paths are directly ahead. Around the forest near Brodowin and Chorin Monastery, the first cobblestone passages with the maximum number of five stars await. And some of them also lead uphill: the short but crisp cobblestone climbs "Col de Liepe", Maienpfuhl or "Mur d'Oderberg" are in no way inferior to their Belgian models. The historic turning point is in Angermünde at the market square. On the way back, the most difficult sectors still lie ahead for the starters of the 200 km track. Behind Chorin Monastery the roughest part is over, but mentally it becomes more challenging as darkness falls on the gravel sections behind Biesenthal. Back at the old brewery in Börnicke, you can proudly say that you have completed a classic route that is tougher than Paris-Roubaix.

The numbers of BAB22

There are two tracks: One over 200 km and one over 150 kmwith a higher asphalt content. Which bike you choose is up to you. You will get the exact track in the week before the start.

No matter what you ride, no matter who you are: It is important to us to enable as many different people as possible to participate. Therefore the registration for women*, nonbinaries and queers (Frauen, Lesben, intersexuelle, nicht-binäre, trans und agender Personen) first.. 24h later it is open for everyone. In total there are 200 places which from experience are fully booked after a few hours.

Registration starts for WLINTA* at 6th of september at 6 PM and for everybody else 24 hours later at 7th of septemer also at 6 PM.

The basis for participation is the consent to the ethos, codex (see below) and theterms of participation of the Steppenwolf.

To confirm your registration we ask you for a contribution towards expenses: As a completely voluntary project without sponsors we depend on that. As a guideline, 20-70 €, depending on your income. This will cover all our costs. Also we collect money for climate justice movements.

All bikes are welcome.

If you have registered successfully we will inform you about it by mail.


1. Everyone acts on their own responsibility at all times. The BAB is not a race. Be considerate of other road users.

2. The BAB is a self-supported trip of a different kind: You can start as a lone wolf or as a pack. Everything you need you have to carry with you or acquire on the way. Planned help from outside is prohibited. If you split your equipment, you must also arrive as a pack.

3. The entire route must be covered under your own power. Which bike you choose is up to you, but we recommend a gravel or mountain bike. When you leave the track, return to the same place.

4. If you see a wolf you are either very lucky or should urgently take a break.

5. The Steppenwolf is a no-flight-ride, the arrival or departure by plane is prohibited. Try to arrive as climate neutral as possible. Together we create a sustainable cycling.


Finishers 2022

200 km

Ben – Potsdam
Jannes K. – Berlin
Nis A. – Berlin
Michel K. – Berlin
Jonas R. – Berlin
Andreas W. – Dannstadt-Schauernheim
Florian S. – Berlin
Benjamin F. – Bernau
Mika – Berlin
Bruno – Berlin
Jasper – Hannover
Eric – Berlin
Oliver M. – Berlin
Vincenct – Berlin
Julia – Bochum
Oliver M. – Rehfelde
Thomas K. – Rehfelde
Alexander G. – Leipzig
Steffen – Berlin
Jünemann – Leipzig
Markus H.
Andrea G. – Prambachkirchen (Ö)
Fridolin S. & Immanuel H. – Berlin
Insa P. – Hamburg
Albrecht – Potsdam
Kristian W. – Berlin
Reinhard S. – Brodowin
Oliver T. – Berlin
Thorsten G. – Hamburg
Wojtek S. – Berlin
Mario K. – Berlin

140 km

Rainer M. – Berlin
Stefan G. – Berlin
Jakob W. – Berlin
Patrick – Hamburg
Veit – Berlin
Lisa B. – Dresden
Simon H. – Hamburg
Christoph P. – Berlin
Gary S. – Berlin
Maya – Berlin
Robert B. – Berlin
Kili – Berlin
Oleg – Berlin
Maren B. – Berlin
Antoine D. – Berlin
Andreas S. – Berlin
Benjamin R. – Berlin
Hagen S. – Berlin
Mathias F. – Berlin
Christian P. – Berlin
René P. – Berlin
Martin G. – Berlin
Flo – Berlin
Burkhard P. – Berlin
Sven W. – Neustrelitz
Kay S. – Wandlitz
Tobias W.
Georg B. – Berlin
Socke – Maaskantje
Markus H. – Brandenburg
Katarzyna S. – Berlin
Steffi – Berlin
Bernhard K. – Leipzig
Katrin L. – Leipzig
Jascha – Berlin
Lukas M. – Hamburg
Robert A. – Berlin
Sven J. – Potsdam
Bastian H. – Berlin
Moritz K. – Bielefeld
Heinz W. – Berlin
Jonas – Berlin
Stefan – Berlin
Karl S. – Leipzig
Paul H. – Berlin
Dorothea P. – Berlin
Vince N. – Berlin
Mai – Berlin
Suse – Biesenthal
Manuel J. – Berlin
Pascal P. – Gransee
Sophia L. – Eberswalde
Eric M. – Berlin
Alexandra K. – Berlin
Anna R. – Dresden
Bernd K. – Berlin
Christina – Berlin
Lena – Berlin
Nele – Berlin
Benni – Berlin
Miriam L. – Eberswalde
Friedrun O. – Bochum
Laura I. – Berlin
Magnus – Berlin