What is the Steppenwolf?

The Steppenwolf is an uncommercial selfsupported bikepacking challenge across the country from Berlin to Usedom and back. In 2022, the 95 starters cycled over 500 km or 700 km full of variety between technical trails at the Oderbruch, the beach promenade of Usedom, some nasty cobblestone sections and several kilometers along Brandenburg lakes across the steppe. Whether alone or as a pack, for speed or as a personal challenge - the Steppenwolf is there for everyone.
It is not a classic bike race but a wild ride between metropolis and sea that really challenges everyone.


On May 12, 2022, the Steppenwolf started in Bernau (near Berlin) for its second edition in the direction of Usedom. Between three checkpoints, past hundreds of lakes, the coast of Usedom and endless blooming rapeseed fields, people either enjoyed the ride in a pack or just raced. Of the 95 starters on Short and Wildtrack, 82 reached the finish line at the "Alte Post" in Bernau. On our Instagram account @steppenwolf030 you can see many more pictures of the now legendary event.


This year there were 100 starting places for the Steppenwolf. We are especially happy that many women*, queers and non-binaries were able to participate. To make the Steppenwolf accessible to all, there is no entry fee but only a donation - we recommend 1% of your equipment value. This is how we make cycling events possible without sponsor interests. What is left over in donations, we give to the climate justice movement. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
When there will be a #Steppenwolf23 and how you can register, you will find out here first.


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500 or 700 km of gravel, forest path, asphalt, cobblestones, trails and beach sand between metropolis and sea