1. Everyone acts on their own responsibility at all times. Be considerate of other road users.

2. The Steppenwolf is a self-supported trip of a different kind: You can start as a lone wolf or as a pack. Everything you need you have to carry with you or acquire on the way. Planned help from outside, pre-planned repair shop appointments or similar are prohibited. If you split your equipment, you must also arrive as a pack.

3. The entire route must be covered under your own power. Which bike you choose is up to you, but we recommend a gravel or mountain bike. When you leave the track, return to the same place. 

4. There are wolves here but we are not in Uzbekistan. So we would like to encourage you to biwacking. However, commercial overnight stays are not excluded. Booked or pre-planned overnight stays with acquaintances are prohibited. Help on the way is only allowed if it arises spontaneously ("trail magic").

5. If you see a wolf you are either very lucky or should urgently take a break.

6. The Steppenwolf is a no-flight-ride, the arrival or departure by plane is prohibited. Try to arrive as climate neutral as possible. Together we create a sustainable cycling.

7. Just like at the Grenzsteintrophy applies: who looks for loopholes in the codex is not yet ready for the Steppenwolf!