#BAB22 *Alle Plätze vergeben*

On November 19, 2022 a legend returns: Berlin-Angermünde-Berlin 2022 starts in Bernau (near Berlin) - for the first time since 1990. You want to be part of the 140 or 200 km track? Then register now!

As a first step read Codex und Ethos of the steppenwolf. It is also valid for the #BAB22. With your registration you agree to the basic rules. The registration is limited to 100 starters this year.

Since bike races, bikepacking adventures and other rides are mostly strongly male dominated we want to  women*, nonbinaries and queers facilitate access. Therefore, registration opens on October 1 for women, non-binary and trans people (FLINTA*) and on October 2 for everyone.

The Steppenwolf is non-commercial and free of charge, which means there is no entry fee and no sponsor. However, in order to cover our costs we would be happy about a donation. Everything that remains goes directly to projects or organizations that fight for climate justice. For example, this year at Steppewolf Berlin-Usedom-Berlin we were already able to collect 1,000 € for "Moni bleibt", a forest occupation against the expansion of the A14 in Saxony-Anhalt. As a donation amount we recommend 0.5% of your equipment value.

Either you can donate directly via Paypal to jonathan.lenz@t-online.de (reason for payment: donation BAB22) or at the starting point on November 19 in cash.

The exact track and all further information will be sent to you in time by mail.

02.10. – 09:38 – Alle Plätze sind vergeben

Ob ihr dabei seid seht ihr hier.