#BUB24: Registration

On May 23, 2024, the Steppenwolf goes on its fourth round to the Baltic Sea. Do you want to be there on the Gravel or Wildtrack? Then register now by postcard! You can find out what you need to put on the card, where to send it and how the draw will take place here.

1. Send your postcard
2. Have luck at the draw
3. Send your contribution towards expenses

-> successfull registraion

Before registration

As a first step read Codex and ethos of the Steppenwolf. With your registration you agree to the basic rules and the terms of participation . Basically, you ride at the Steppenwolf on your own responsibility, we assume no liability for damages of any kind.

Starting spots

Registration is limited to 150 starters this year, 75 per track. There is no waiting list. As bike races, bikepacking adventures and other rides are usually heavily dominated by men, half of the starting places are reserved for  FLINTA* (women, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender persons).

You can register alone or as a team (aka pack) of max. 5 people. Some of the places are reserved for teams. If you only want to ride as a team and not alone, please register together with a postcard.


Because our website collapsed last year due to so many requests (and because we feel like it), this year the starting places will be allocated via postcards. These must reach us in the time between 01. and 31. of december . Important: Incomplete, illegible and duplicate postcards will not be considered. We also ask for your understanding that we are unable to answer any questions as to whether your postcard has already arrived due to the large number of postcards.

These informations have to be on your postcard:


At the beginning of January, all postcards will be put into a big bag and drawn. You will receive an email from us by January 10 to let you know if you are in the draw.


Contribution towards expenses

The Steppenwolf is non-commercial, which means there are no sponsors. However, in order to cover our costs we need a contribution towards expenses (donation). Also we are collecting money for climate justice groups or projects. Last year we were able to give 2.000 € to the activists from Lützerath a small village in the west of Germany that was struggeling against a coal mine. As a contribution towards expenses we recommend 30 to 130 €, depends to your income.You will transfer this after the draw. We also want to offer tracking again this year. More on this later.